We offer Webbing Slings upto115 tons capacity as per EN 1492 :1 2000 standards and ASME B30.9 standards.
Flat Webbing Lifting Slings are made from high tenacity polyester webbing, colourcoded for ease of identification for lifting They are available in four basic types: Simplex, Duplex Triplex and Endless.


Simplex Slings are manufactured from single thickness webbing, whereas Duplex slings are manufactured from double thickness webbing and Triplex of Three la yers upto10 layers. All are either terminated in a metal end fitting or, morepopularly, sewn back upon themselves with a high tenacity Polyester fabric to form a reinforced Eye, which provides greater durability than the traditional leather eye. 


The webbing is stitched close to the eyes which are upto45 " long bearing to bearing. Endless slings, however, are manufactured from single thickness webbing sewn in a continuous loop with an overlap. These slings are mainly used when needing a wide grip on large equipment, e.g. for lifting pipes. In order to protect the webbing from unnecessary wear and tear, various sleevingis available, in any length, which can also protect both the sling and any fragile loads.



Round Slings

We offer round slings in accordance to to EN 1492-2:2000 and ASME B 30.9 from 100% polyester. The outer cover is a seamless polyester sleeve of double thickness construction and has an excellent abrasion resistance. The core consists of a continuous hank of high tenacity polyester yarn (see illustration) which is immensely strong and durable. Inner core with Markings is also available to discard the round sling when torn.

Due to the parallel fibres in the core the stretch experienced with a roundsling is less than 3% at the safe working load, which eliminates dangerous dancing experienced with some slings. 

We manufacture round slings upto 50 tons in regular production wheras Roundsling upto 300 tons can be manufactured on special orders. Please see chart for Load Capacity as per use.




Black Belt Slings

ALL IMLO PREMIUM Slings are polyurethane impregnated which has remarkable anti abrasive and cut resistant properties.
Slings life increases significantly and works easily in harsh conditions provising excellent resistance to abrasion and minor cuts.


IMLO - PREMIUM lifting slings are a brand new innovation from IMLO. The fully reinforced loop offers all-round protection in the region of the crane hook. The optimised woven construction of the belt and edge ensures that long service-life is achieved in the face of  abrasion, pressure and edge wear.


In contrast to the standardised safely factor (SF) 7, the special construction achieves an increased SF.
In practice this means that when abrasion, soiling or weathering reduce the SF in the course of use by a factor or perhaps 2, the IMLO - PREMIUM slings are still safest. It therefore optimally satisfies your safety requirements for its entrire life. The IMLO slings are therefore altogether capable of accepting more stress, are more robust and less sensitive.

Ever seen Black belt comes White in color!
The top most degree of perfection BLACK BELT has been introduced in lifting slings! 
These slings work in hostile environment, extremely cut resistant and amazingly light weight. Abrasion is no problem and are stronger than steel.




Multilegged Slings

We manufacture Multi Leg Slings with wide range of fittings. They are used for lifting products which are balanced and have uniform construction. The Centre of Gravity is below the lifting hook. We manufacture Multi legged Slings with Oblong Master Link , Multi Link assembly and Round Ring at top and the other end can be Eye snap hook, Shackles, Eye bolts, Rings, Links , Piper hooks or connectors. We manufacture multi legged sling both in Flat slings and Round slings with adequate tested fittings. AVAILABLE UPTO 350 Tons Capacity.